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Hi there. I'm Charmaine, your career confidence coach at TheConfidence2BU.


I spent over 20 years working in the corporate sector honing my skills in Human Resources and Leadership Development in major Australian and multinational corporations.


Whilst I enjoyed my work, I thrive on variety and

found it difficult to commit to just one future!


I indulged my love of travel to find answers and experienced many failed attempts in my pursuit

of happiness.

Looking back over various periods in my life that seemed difficult or felt like a struggle at the time, served as a catalyst to clarify what success really

meant to me and what makes me truly happy. 

This helped me discover a way to harness my

authentic power so I could feel my best.  

I learnt real strength is about self-belief, it’s about knowing yourself; knowing that you need to look after yourself, knowing what your purpose is and knowing that it will evolve as you do.

Using my knowledge, experience and coaching skills, I’m here to help you reach the highest levels of your potential and tap into the deepest wisdom within you to help you successfully become your own hero in your personal or professional life.

Education & Training

Certified Master Coach , 

Diploma of Business and Coaching

Life Coaching Academy, Due for completion 2020

ICF accreditation under way

Professional Coach

The Co-Active Training Institute (USA), CTI International (Dubai UAE), 2016

Narrative Coaching Methodology

by Dr. David Drake

The Moment Institute, 2019


Charmaine helped me determine

what I really want out of life

I approached Charmaine because I met her whilst she and I were attending a group self development course. The course wasn’t really filling the boxes for me, but my conversations with Charmaine resonated with me. I was having a great deal of problems dealing with a relationship and my retirement. Charmaine helped me by showing me that I had options, and that I was master of my own destiny, all I needed to do was take action.


One thing that I liked was that Charmaine guided me towards working out possible solutions to my problems without telling me what I should do. She would listen to me and keep encouraging me to persevere. We celebrated my successes too. I found the experience confronting and overwhelming at times but at the same time it gave me courage to pursue my needs. I would recommend Charmaine at TheConfidence2BU to people who need assistance with determining what they really want out of life.

- Helen R. -

Charmaine would ask the right questions

and helped me help myself

I turned to Charmaine’s coaching at a very pinnacle point in my life, that weird time in between your first real job post-graduation and the time shortly after where you realise it may not be what you are meant to be doing. I was lost, fearful and felt hopeless and I needed some real guidance. I had heard only the best things about Charmaine and her abilities, so I decided to give it a try. I never thought I would be the one to say this, but Charmaine’s coaching sessions were always the highlight of my week! The coaching sessions were the most refreshing way to begin my weekends, as I was able to end stressful work weeks with constructive reflection and also begin the new week with real optimism, intention and a strategy to deal with the previous weeks issues that had really weighed down on me.


After coaching sessions I would feel so strong and full of light and have the best day ahead. I believe Charmaine is a highly intelligent and grounded woman, and this allowed me to fully trust her advice and help. She really makes you feel safe in the knowledge that you are being coached by a person who 100% deserves that role as a life coach. Charmaine would ask the right questions that I needed to be asked and helped me help myself. I think this is the greatest thing that sets this life coaching program apart from clinical/psychological services. She emphasizes that we are good and whole and have all the tools we need within ourselves to figure it all out and be our best selves. It is a beautiful mantra to hear when stepping into this type of thing, which can be quite a sensitive decision as it is, and really brings out the very best results within ourselves.


I found the guided visualisations/role play surprisingly useful, as I'd feel instant relief from negative feelings and was able to put myself in a totally different mindset right afterwards. I noticed an actual transformation in myself after the second coaching session, where I no longer felt the same crippling fear and anxiety I had been feeling in the months leading up to the coaching. Those fears of inadequacy, failure, and fear of people’s negative behavior projected onto me, especially in the workplace. I felt a lasting calmness and reassurance that everything was going to be okay, and my weeks at the office were wonderful.


My fearfulness is something that I have always had the tendency to have, but I am so indebted to Charmaine for equipping me with creative and logical ways to deal with these challenges. The truth is, her coaching made me a lot more aware of myself in other spheres of my life as well, spheres that were going perfectly fine, or so I thought. Aside from dealing with the problem of feeling lost and fearful that I had approached Charmaine with, I also became a lot more generous with my heart, less egotistical and channeled my “feminine” energy in my relationships with loved ones, instead of putting up a fight as I usually would when dealing with strong-headed male personalities.


I would like to thank Charmaine for being so wonderful, patient, friendly and helpful, and I would definitely recommend her services to anyone, even if they do not think they have a big problem in their life that must address. Anyone can benefit greatly from this coaching!

- Anika N. -

With Charmaine, I was able to be open

about the real issues I struggled with 

I approached Charmaine at TheConfidence2BU because I wanted to be able to manage with stress between being a new dad again and my high stress FIFO work in oil/gas industry.


Charmaine helped me by managing my time and helping me find my inner confidence to express myself and say ‘no’ and; not just please senior management but have them really understand my situation and still enable me to get the job done. The result I achieved was I felt less stressed and better able to adapt when home and my work life became more productive resulting in a higher bonus payment. 


One thing I liked was being able to be open about dealing with the real issues I struggled with and not just the side issues impacting my life. I found the experience to be excellent and the follow up coaching helped with maintaining my work/life balance.


I would recommend Charmaine at TheConfidence2BU for people who need support or direction in a busy career and/or even their day to day life activities.

- Mick A. -

Having Charmaine as your coach will definitely be the best investment you ever make

I received an invitation to the interview for the job that I was very interested in, in the new for me area (possibly my dream job) and had a week to prepare for it.


I have experience in interview coaching myself, but in this case, I didn’t want to leave it to chance and needed somebody with an external perspective to help me identify my ‚blind spots’.

Charmaine skillfully extracted all the most important topics I needed to be aware of in order for me to prepare for this interview and also instilled a lot of confidence in my ability to get the job.


My interview went smoothly and I received a job offer the very next day. I have no hesitation in recommending Charmaine as your coach in any area you choose to explore. It will definitely be the best investment you ever make. It doesn’t matter if you live in Europe (like myself) or anywhere else

- coaching with Charmaine goes beyond borders.

- Ewa D. -

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