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Be Your Own Hero

What if I told you that you, and you alone, hold the key to creating your best life? I'd like to invite you to go on a transformative journey with me to unlock the confidence you seek for going after what you truly want. The Be Your Own Hero coaching sessions help you get out of your own way, gain clarity of your career purpose, identity and desire, and most importantly, become your own hero at work.

Career Coaching Services

To have a chat about the number of sessions you may need, drop me a

message at or via the contact form here.

Areas of Expertise

Resume, Cover Letter

& LinkedIn Profile Review

Interview Preparation 

& Negotiation

Career Consulting

Career Transition Coaching

1. Cover Letter & Resume Review

1. Organisation Research & Interview Preparation

1. Career Progression Strategy

1. Career Pathway Mapping

2. Online Profile Review

(LinkedIn, etc)

2. Interview Confidence

& Rapport Building

2. Management of Stress & Work-Life Balance

2. Entering a New Career

or Role

3. Job Search, Networking & Pitch Strategies

3. Salary & Package Negotiation

3. Development

of Leadership & Communication Skills

3. Re-Entering the Workforce after a Career Break

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5 Steps to Be More Adaptable in Uncertain Times

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