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Emotional Agility in Challenging Times

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

In our rapidly changing world, it is no longer about survival of the fittest or the fastest, but rather survival of the most flexible. However, in this modern age of anxiety and depression, our mental and emotional preservation is a major consideration for all of us as we try and navigate this ever changing landscape.

Whether dealing with a job loss or illness, or simply drowning under the pressures of everyday life, and the escalating restrictions placed upon us with the COVID-19 pandemic, how you adapt and cope is the measure of your own survival.

In challenging times, it is up to you to recalibrate or reconfigure life in order to regain some sense of happiness and hope.

The greatest gift we can possess is emotional agility. This can include employing mental techniques such as reframing a situation or looking at things from a new perspective when things don’t go as you plan.

Have you ever watched a tree on a windy day? It doesn’t stand there stiff and unyielding; its perfect design means that it will bend to the will of the wind. The branches sway as the wind whistles through the fluttering leaves. The tree provides a living example of how we should live our life, showing that it is better to bend than break and move with the wind rather than fight it.

To go with the flow and take the path of least resistance sounds simple and easy but in practice, it can be hard to let go of things. You might even find it hard to let go of resistance itself.

Resistance keeps you stuck and prevents you from moving in a positive direction. But gently transitioning to a new mindset when life throws you a curveball means that you can find a way to respond more effectively.

I love sailing so I am going to use that as an example. As with in a yacht on the ocean, when the wind changes direction, a clever sailor will not fight the wind but will simply change the mainsail in order to tack with the wind.

The one thing that’s certain in life is there are no guarantees, and change is the only constant. You wake up in the morning thinking you know how that day will run, and often especially these days, end in tears of joy or grief.

In actual fact, you have no way of knowing what will unfold in the course of a day and in the course of your life, so it is helpful to subscribe to the adage “practice light attachment”.


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