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Finding Empowerment during Times of Chaos

~ David Spangler

Let’s face it. We’re all control freaks at heart. Constantly scrambling to arrange our environments, our lives, other people’s lives, to accommodate our needs and feelings from moment to moment.

Even the most laid-back among us, our most go-with-the-flow friends, are arranging their minds carefully to avoid the sensation of disappointment and groundlessness.

So it’s scary to think that there’s something coming in the future that might hurt us, and it’s just as scary because it feels like there’s nothing we can do about it. It feels like we’re out of control.

It’s also the recognition of our smallness, our insignificance, in the huge expanse of life and the universe. In response to that realisation, we scramble ever-harder to regain a sense of authority – hold on tighter to the things that we know, plan for every eventuality, wish – and wish, and wish – we could know more, do more, have more, see more.

We rally against the gap between what we have within our reach, and what we imagine would represent our rightful power over our own existence. But that power was never ours to begin with. 

What is ours, in this moment, is the field of vision, and the skills or tools that we have immediately available to us. It's easy to forget what we already have.

Consider this:

  • Step back and take your good self out of the picture of your life.

  • Replace yourself with someone else – no name, no face.

  • Imagine this person has everything you have – your knowledge, your experience, your creativity, your skills, your family and friends and connections.

  • What could this person do with what they now have available to them?

  • What three actions could they take to make even a little forward progress?

By focusing on the things you can control and ignoring those that you can’t, you will start to feel empowered and motivated.


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